How has your past shaped the person you are today?

My approach is largely rooted in psycho-dynamic psychology, meaning we explore your current concerns with an understanding that this moment is also informed by a lifetime of relationships, experiences, and circumstances. We look at the situations, feelings, and patterns in your life you want to change while also addressing the underlying, less visible parts of your experience.

Our work together is guided by the following principles~

Developing trust and having confidence that I am your ally provides the groundwork for moving into difficult feelings and experiences. Beyond theory and technique it's the person-to-person connection with your therapist that provides one of the strongest foundations for change.

Self-awareness and self-acceptance are important building blocks of change. When we slow down and pay attention to our experiences we create room to understand ourselves from new perspectives. Getting to know and accept who you are, as you are in this moment is an essential part of the therapeutic process.

I believe our ind and body matter. ~ Our regular sessions will begin with conversations about your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. I also include mindfulness and somatic (body) practices to pay attention to your experiences in this moment. Deepening your awareness on all these levels provides valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

Honoring Wholeness ~ Clients often come to me wanting to change a particular emotional or behavioral pattern or for help coping with a painful experience. We work together to help you find immediate relief. At the same time, we also keep pay attention to your internal experience

I honor wholeness. People often come to therapy wanting to change a particular behavior or for help coping with painful feelings or experiences. Your current concerns are always in mind, as are the historical factors that contribute to what you are experiencing today. We work together to help you find immediate relief, as well as help you develop a meaningful relationship with yourself that can positively and sustainably affect your life.

I believe all our feelings have purpose, and I honor the whole spectrum of our emotions. In getting to know ourselves we might encounter fear, anger, disappointment, and grief, as well as discovering our capabilities, joys, and strengths. In our work together our aim is for a full and rich experience and a better understanding of yourself and your inner, emotional life.


Therapy is collaborative.. I understand you may not feel 100% into therapy all the time. Ambivalence is a common part of the process and might be some of what we work on together. Therapy is most effective when both you and I fully show up to each session. I have a real longing for people to be their fullest selves, and I commit to working alongside you for the duration.


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Working together, we can create room for self-awareness, discovery, and change in your life. I invite you to connect with me to schedule your free 20-minute consultation.