We all experience times of feeling stuck or overwhelmed by strong emotions.  Sometimes this leads to our feeling increasingly disconnected or isolated from parts of ourselves and others. We might encounter this as self criticism, anxiety, low self worth, anger, blame, loneliness, or feeling shut down. Together in therapy we explore what it is to be you so that you can make thoughtful choices and changes aligned with your values and intentions.

My therapeutic perspective is largely rooted in psychodynamic psychology, meaning we explore your current concerns with an understanding that this moment is also informed by a lifetime of relationships, experiences, and circumstances. We pay attention to the here and now alongside any underlying or longstanding thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that could be impacting your efforts to grow and change.




We begin with conversations to explore your experiences. I use mindfulness practices--paying attention to this moment, alongside somatic (body) awareness, EMDR, imagery, and other creative approaches to help provide you new perspectives and opportunities for deeper understanding, self compassion, and growth.

No one can tell you exactly what your therapy will look like or how long it will take to feel better. It can be hard work, and with a therapist you trust you don't have to face these challenges alone. Together we create room for self-discovery and change.

Affiliations: I am affiliated with the following professional organizations: Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study, Perinatal Support Washington, and EMDR International Association