Expectant and New Parents

Becoming a parent can be a time of enormous changes and challenges.

You might have questions or concerns about partner relationships, parent-child bonding, or maybe you feel lost, disconnected, overwhelmed by sadness, fear, anger, frightening thoughts, or are struggling with other difficult emotions or experiences.

I work with expectant and postpartum individuals and partners, from those going through normal adjustments to those struggling with postpartum mood disorders (PPMDs).

You are the right parent for your child, and together we can help you find your way through the difficulties, doubts, or fears that can come with our transitions into parenthood.



Seeking therapy can mean you want to feel more present, engaged, happy, or in control of some part of your life. You might feel stuck or discouraged. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, anger, or grief.

Our work aims to help you better recognize and tend to the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that run under the surface of your life so that you can find relief and live as your fullest self.

Therapy with me is active and collaborative. We begin by exploring what it is to be you with honesty, compassion, and curiosity. Together we gain deeper insight around where you are so that you can better move toward where you want to go.