Seeking therapy can mean you want to feel more present, engaged, happy, or in control of some part of parts of your life. You might feel stuck, have hidden doubts about your self worth, or maybe you feel overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, anger, or grief.

We begin by exploring what it is to be you with honesty, compassion, and curiosity. Getting to know and accept who you are, as you are in this moment is an essential part of the therapeutic process and our efforts toward increased awareness, discovery, and change.

Expectant and New Parents

Teens can be creative, questioning, self examining, unsure, critical, and full of strong emotions. Some areas where adolescents can get stuck include challenging relationships with parents or peers, anxiety, depression, isolation, and difficulties coping with anger, disappointment, and frustration. Teens sometimes need additional support to navigate the many relationships and demands in their lives.

I work with teens ages 14 and up to help them better understand their emotions, learn to cope with stress, address feelings of anxiety and depression, establish healthy boundaries in relationships, and to build a positive sense of self.

Most sessions are one-on-one with the teen client. Some sessions may include parents or guardians. The level of parent or guardian participation may vary, but their care and support in the process are important.


Listening Mothers

Winter 2016 registration open

Mondays, Jan 11 - March 7 (no class on Feb 15), 11am - 1pm

Listening Mothers is an 8 week class that weaves together information about emotional development and parent/baby attachment with mindfulness practices that explore what it is to be present with ourselves and others, learning how to respond with awareness, intention, kindness, and acceptance. I’m honored and delighted to support mothers in this process of discovery and connection.

Muza Education Center, 7715 24th Ave NW, Seattle, 98117

Click here to register through the Community of Mindful Parenting


The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.    ~Carl Rogers